Carpet Cleaning Collington

Local carpet cleaning service Collington - Bexhill

Carpet & upholstery cleaning service Collington.

You are looking for a local carpet and sofa cleaning service in Collington, you have found me.

I will deep clean your carpets and upholstery and get them looking lovely and smelling great again.

Moreover, you can be sure of a first-class carpet cleaning service at very reasonable prices.

When I clean your carpets and soft furnishings, they will not get dirty quickly again like so many other carpet cleaners.

My carpet cleaning equipment, along with my years of service as your local carpet cleaning expert means that your carpets and sofas will be deep cleaned and properly rinsed with a suitable rinsing solution.

So, no more rapid re soiling of your carpets that you may have experienced in the past with untrained carpet cleaners.

Or business that just don’t care about their clients!

Your trusted local carpet cleaning company offering an excellent service at local rates.

Serving Collington – Bexhill.

Qualified Carpet and sofa cleaners in Collington - East Sussex.

Qualified Carpet and sofa cleaners in Collington

With carpet and upholstery cleaning, selecting the right cleaning products and techniques for the fibres to be cleaned is essential.

This ensures that my clients get really great results when I clean their carpets and without taking short cuts with harsh chemicals that will damage your upholstery and carpets.

Training is the key and ongoing carpet cleaning training is needed to keep up with today’s modern fabrics and fibres.

This approach guarantees a first-class carpet cleaning experience for you, and a constantly expanding client base of happy customers for me.

Hi, I’m Lee, and as well has being your local carpet cleaning expert in Collington, I am a national trainer for professional carpet cleaners.

So, you can be double sure that your really are getting the best service you can for carpet cleaning collington

I run regular upholstery and carpet cleaning courses and this helps to raise the standard of carpet cleaners across the UK.

Qualified Carpet and sofa cleaners in Collington - East Sussex.

Grit and dirt will make holes in your carpet.

Dust and grit coming in through windows and doors, and from shoes and socks will make holes in your carpet!

And here’s how. Grit, dust, pollen and all sorts of pollution come in through doors and windows.

All this dry particulate rapidly falls to the bottom of the carpet fibres.

And as this grit and tiny particles rub against the fibres in your carpets or sofas, it’s like sandpaper rubbing on those fibres.

Sharp sand and grit rub the carpet fibres and starts to rub them away. Until the final moment when they finish cutting through your carpet fibres.

At this point you have a bald patch!

And long before they break, the carpet is looking dull and lifeless. This is because all the scratching and rubbing is taking the shine off the material.

My first action after assessing what fibres and backing your carpet has is to vacuum with my twin motor professional vacuum cleaner.

This machine really pulls out the grit causing you problems. Normal domestic hoovers just can’t get this far down to get the damaging grit out.

Then after pre-treating and agitating an appropriate carpet cleaning product into the carpet.

I extract all that out, with my powerful hot water extraction machine. Leaving your carpet fibres totally clean and without that sticky residue that just attracts dirt.

So, using a professional carpet cleaning service those problematic soils are removed, and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpets.

In this way, all carpets be cleaned to a first class standard.

Upholstery cleaning - I can clean any sofa!

Upholstery and sofa cleaning Collington - Bexhill

Sofas and all forms of upholstery need regular cleaning.

I can clean all types of upholstery including my leather cleaning service with includes the all important protector.

Chairs in the living room especially take a real pounding.

So do dining chairs, especially with families with children growing up and using them as napkins! I can clean those for you!

The constant exposure to food drink and sweat builds up over time and can cause issues with wear and tear, as well as odours.

Fabric covering soft furnishings are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. And with today’s central heating, it never gets cold.

In any case, nobody wants a grubby looking sofa. But what many people don’t realise is that done properly, all upholstery can be cleaned.

Often you will see a printed label in the furniture saying it must be dry cleaned or even not cleaned!

Furniture manufactures put this in to stop people having a go themselves or getting an untrained upholstery cleaner to clean it.

The reason is that many fabrics have severe reactions to different products and cleaning techniques.

Inexperienced sofa cleaners can easily ruin a three-piece suite.

Don’t worry, you are in safe hands with me.

I have many products and techniques that allow me to clean all of your soft furnishings. 

From low moisture and encapsulation process to dry cleaning and full hot water extraction.

Carpet cleaning expert and trainer - Lee Breen

In conclusion, I use the latest environmentally friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning products.

I am local to you in Collington-Bexhill and your carpets will not get dirty quickly after they are cleaned by me. Because my products have anti-soil properties built in.

keeping the carpets cleaner and looking great for longer.

Call, WhatsApp me or email me at anytime for a free quote or just for some advice. I am always happy to help.

Carpet Cleaning Collington. Local professional upholstery cleaning professional offering first class sofa and soft furnishing cleaning in Collington – Bexhill.

Areas we serve as carpet and upholstery cleaners in East Sussex


As you would expect, we cover  towns and villages close to us in Eastbourne.

We offer professional carpet cleaning in East Sussex

So if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Bexhill or professional upholstery cleaning in Bexhill we are here to make sure that you get the first class carpet cleaning service that you deserve.

I also offer high quality carpet cleaning in Hastings and Carpet Cleaning Collington

Choose Fabric Master to look after you – We are just a call away….

Carpet Cleaning Collington - Lee breen carpet cleaning expert trainer

I also offer Commercial carpet cleaning in Collington- Bexhill

Inspect carpet to be cleaned
Carpet cleaning in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill . Dry soil extraction by vacuuming
Pre-spraying the carpet on this commercial cleaning task in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill
using rotary machine to clean carpets in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill
Professional commercial carpet cleaners Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill
speed drying of the carpets in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill

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