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Upholstery Cleaning Course

Upholstery cleaning course aimed at beginners and professional upholstery cleaners alike.

Start or enhance your upholstery cleaning business and learn professional upholstery cleaning techniques.

This upholstery cleaning course has everything you need to understand and master the science of upholstery cleaning and stain removal.

Over the course of two days of this upholstery cleaning course you’ll learn everything you need to know to professionally clean upholstery safely and profitably.

From upholstery pre-cleaning inspections to identifying different fine fabrics.

Understand how to set up your cleaning equipment and master the use of upholstery cleaning equipment.

Step-by-step upholstery cleaning instructions making you an industry expert.

Furthermore, you will learn how to remove tough stains from upholstery. And we will teach you how to get over those tough pre and post-cleaning problems.

Our upholstery training course covers a variety of sofa and soft furnishing cleaning methods. From low-moisture upholstery cleaning through to hot water extraction upholstery cleaning.

You’ll get the chance to really understand and learn what fine fabrics are all about.

And why you need to careful not to damage these fibres and fabrics when you are cleaning them. And avoid insurance claims.

Moreover, you will touch and feel different upholstery fibres and how to identify them so that you will be confident in what upholstery cleaning method to use, and what products to use on any sofa.

This professional upholstery cleaning course will teach you the difference between all the possible sofa fibres you may come across and how to clean them.

Our upholstery cleaning course is hands on, and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout.

We feel our hands-on training in upholstery cleaning methods, combined with our take away technical upholstery cleaning course manual is unique.

And the only real way to become a successful upholstery cleaner.

Upholstery cleaning courses

Upholstery Cleaning Comprehensive Training Course

Looking to master the science of upholstery cleaning?

Our program is designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert in upholstery cleaning.

Our course begins with an in-depth exploration of the science behind upholstery cleaning

We cover the types of fabrics used in upholstery and how they react to different cleaning methods.

By understanding the science behind upholstery cleaning, you’ll be equipped to handle any cleaning job with confidence.

Our program is taught by us personally.

We are experienced professionals who have years of experience in the industry.

We will guide you through every step of the cleaning process, from pre-treatment to post-cleaning. And teach you the latest techniques and methods for cleaning upholstery.

You’ll learn about the equipment you need, the cleaning solutions that are most effective, and the best practices for ensuring that your clients are completely satisfied with the work you do.

But our program isn’t just about technical knowledge. We also focus on customer service.

We understand that the key to a successful upholstery cleaning business is customer satisfaction.

So we teach you how to communicate effectively with clients, manage their expectations, and ensure that they’re completely happy with your service.

By mastering customer service, you’ll be able to build a loyal customer base and grow your business over time.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to master the science of upholstery cleaning and build a successful business, our comprehensive training course is the perfect place to start.

With expert instruction, comprehensive curriculum, and a focus on customer service.

You will gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this exciting and rewarding field.

Enroll in our program today and take the first step towards a successful career in upholstery cleaning!

Upholstery Cleaning Fundamentals

First, we teach you the basics of upholstery cleaning.

Including the different types of fabrics and materials commonly found in upholstered furniture.

And the various methods of cleaning, and safety protocols to be followed.

Our interactive upholstery cleaning course will give you the chance to touch and feel different upholstery fibres and constructions.

So that you will be confident in what cleaning method to use and what products to use on any upholstery.

You’ll gain important knowledge like understanding the difference between a cotton or natural upholstery fibre and a synthetic upholstery fabric. And why that matters.

On day two of our course, we will teach you basic spot and stain removal, with practical demonstrations of removing everyday stains from upholstery.

Our stated aim is to ensure that you leave our course with a real understanding of professional upholstery cleaning.

You will learn the science of upholstery cleaning, basic spot and stain removal, and how to avoid insurance claims.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional looking to improve your skills, for your CPD’s our Upholstery Cleaning Course is the perfect choice.

Upholstery cleaning training syllabus

You will learn about the different types of upholstery fibres, their properties and characteristics, and how to properly care for and maintain them. This includes information about cotton, linen, wool, and polyester.

Upholstery Cleaning Methods covers different cleaning methods, including Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning). Dry Cleaning (e.g. Bonnet Cleaning, Encapsulation), Upholstery Shampooing and Spot Cleaning.

The course will cover Stain Removal, including techniques for removing specific types of stains and tips for preventing future stains.

Upholstery Maintenance will cover vacuuming techniques and frequency. Professional Upholstery Cleaning Schedules, and Tips for protecting upholstery from wear and tear.

You will also learn about the different types of equipment used for upholstery cleaning. For example, as Upholstery Extractors, Vacuums, and Air Movers.

You will learn about different types of cleaning solutions such as Pre-sprays, Spot Removers, and Deodorizers.

The course will cover Eco-friendly cleaning solutions and their benefits. And choosing the right cleaning solution for different types of upholstery and stains.

Upholstery Cleaning Safety is another important section of the course. Covering the proper use of cleaning solutions and equipment, avoiding common hazards during upholstery cleaning. Such as slips and falls, electrical hazards, and protective gear.

Upholstery Inspection covers how to identify different types of upholstery damage such as wear, staining, and odours.

We will teach you how to assess the overall condition of upholstery. And identify potential issues and offer recommendations for repair or replacement.

Upholstery Drying Techniques will teach you best practices for drying upholstery after cleaning.

Techniques for accelerating the drying process using air movers and dehumidifiers. And preventing mould and mildew growth during the drying process.

Upholstery fabric protection, involves using protectants to prevent future stains and damage. Maintaining protected upholstery, and choosing the right protectant for different types of upholstery.

Two days of intensive upholstery cleaning training

Upholstery cleaning course

Frequently asked questions about our upholstery cleaning course

Our professional upholstery cleaning course is designed to teach people new to the industry everything they need to know to be a successful professional upholstery cleaner.

Furthermore, it is an ideal course for upholstery cleaning professionals to keep up with their CPD insurance requirements.

You will be taught to test, clean and dry upholstery safely and effectively.

On top of this, you will take away the full course manual and you will always be able to get support from our private group.

You will never be on your own!

The answer to ‘do I really need upholstery cleaning training’ is yes, if you want to make a lucrative career of it and not end up buying new sofas for your clients!

High quality upholstery cleaning training is essential for you if you are serious about entering the profession.

Your trainers are Mr Jarrad Long and Mr Lee Breen.

Both are highly successful upholstery cleaning professionals and skilled trainers with real, currently working upholstery and carpet cleaning businesses.

Lee has been in the cleaning industry for over 30 years and has run large cleaning contracts across Sussex and Kent.

He has specialised in domestic carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for the past 15 years running his successful business in East Sussex.

Jarrad has a wealth of experience and has a unique, in depth knowledge of upholstery and carpet construction and materials.

His company is an IICRC registered firm and along with domestic upholstery and carpet cleaning he specialises in Commercial upholstery and carpet cleaning.

After many years on the tools, they both still run their business and understand the real issues that come with running a carpet cleaning business.

Jarrad and Lee have huge amounts of expertise and are willing to share this real life experience with all attendees during and after the course.

Don’t get this course and these trainers mixed up with ‘people that just make machines or sell carpet cleaning products’ these guys are the real deal!

You will receive two full days of intensive, expert upholstery cleaning training.

The training course is hosted in a purpose built training facility.

This course teaches you everything to start professionally cleaning upholstery right away.

Yes, we do teach carpet cleaning.

Click here for more information about our carpet cleaning course.

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