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Upholstery Cleaning in Bexhill

When it comes time for having your upholstery cleaning Bexhill, you will want a local professional sofa cleaner with a good deal of experience and someone that is well qualified.

You have found me. I will deep clean your upholstery and soft furnishings in the safest way possible.

So that you get great value for money, and I get a happy customer! I offer professional carpet and sofa cleaning in Bexhill including Collington.


Upholstery cleaning experts in Bexhill

Upholstery cleaning is about understanding all the materials that are used to make your sofa look attractive enough to buy it.

When you are looking for sofa cleaning Bexhill you should keep this in mind.

Sofas look great in the showroom under the lights. But these days more and more materials are being used to make these great looking comfortable sofas for us to enjoy.

For example, there are lots of sofa manufactures using Viscose. This is the new name for Rayon, which is nice to look at and has a nice feel.

But the fibres can swell with exposure to water and will not feel anywhere near the same without the right treatment.

Cotton pile fabric is similar in as much as it will flatten when it is cleaned with water.

Wool sofas by the nature of wool can take a long time dry. And this can lead to problems.

So your sofa cleaner will use special upholstery drying fans to dry it quickly.

There are many more different fibres than can be in your sofa. For example, Linen, Cotton, Polyester, silk and more.

Just take a look at the Laura Ashley collection this year!

There are all sorts of upholstery fibres that can shrink, stretch, crease and change colour if they are not cleaned by a professional sofa cleaner.

A trained upholstery cleaning professional will know how to conduct tests on your soft furnishings before the cleaning starts.

From these upholstery fibre tests the technician will be able choose the correct cleaning method and the best fabric cleaning materials for your sofa.

There is a lot of science that goes into understanding upholstery fibres and how to clean them

Upholstery Cleaning Is Like A Science

Because upholstery cleaning requires a far more delicate approach to cleaning than carpets.

Choosing the right professional sofa cleaning company in and around Bexhill can be difficult by just searching the internet. 

Unfortunately, there are many operators who are untrained when it comes to cleaning fabrics, particularly high-end natural fabrics.

Remember, if cleaning is not undertaken correctly, some delicate fabrics can be irreversibly damaged.

Talk to your local upholstery cleaner before booking.

Ask about what sort of tests would be made. And ask what training they have had.

A person that has been on an upholstery cleaning course is properly trained professional.

And will be only too happy to talk you though it.

Choose The Right Upholstery Cleaning Service

Here at FabricMaster, we are experts in the cleaning and care of high-end fine fabrics.

I am now myself a National trainer in Upholstery & fine fabric cleaning, running courses as a trainer and helping those across the country who are new to the industry to work correctly and professionally.

Carpet cleaning is closely associated with sofa cleaning. Your upholstery cleaner will be able to clean your carpets too.

As well as enhancing the knowledge of already working upholstery cleaning businesses to be able to carry out sofa cleaning expertly and safely in their region.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your fabrics are being cleaned using best practice. Before any cleaning takes place. Sofa cleaning in Bexhill never looked better.

I will carry out a full pre-clean survey of each suite to ascertain if there are any issues which may arise from wet cleaning, or if there are any cleaning limitations due to the nature of the fabric, or just from simple wear & tear.

Our various cleaning methods use the latest cleaning solutions for a superior clean, and also leave no chemical residues behind which could cause rapid resoiling, or even worse.

Irritation to those who subsequently sit on the furniture. All of your fabrics will be left hygienically clean and pH neutral.

And don’t worry, if you don’t live in Bexhill.

I offer Upholstery cleaning Eastbourne and clean carpets upholstery in Hastings too.

Offering carpet and upholstery cleaning in Collington


Specialist Sofa Cleaning

If after testing your fabrics are shown to be sensitive to wet cleaning it may require dry cleaning or other specialist cleaning. 

No need to be concerned if you fall into this category, we can carry these cleans out for you also. 

These tend to be more complex than a standard clean, but rest assured that we have the right knowledge, experience, and know how to carry out this specialist service for our customers.

Please see our testimonials page for reviews form our happy
customers that have had upholstery cleaning Bexhill.


Upholstery Cleaning Gallery

sapphire hand tool for upholstery cleaning in eastbourne
Upholstery cleaning Bexhill

Thorough 7 Step Cleaning Process

upholstery cleaning checklist
upholstery cleaning in eastbourne
prespraying the upholstery in eastbourne
agitating the prespray into the upholstery in eastbourne
extracting the upholstery with sapphire hand tool
towelling off the upholstery
resetting the nap and grooming the pile

We have the equipment and knowledge to look after the largest of commercial upholstery cleaning jobs

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