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Carpet Cleaning Bexhill

If carpet cleaning Bexhill is what you are looking for. And you need the very best service, at local Bexhill prices, your have found me!

I am highly trained and experienced in providing exceptional carpet cleaning services that will leave your carpets looking and feeling like new again.

I use advanced carpet cleaning techniques and equipment to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

Leaving your carpets brighter, fresher, and smelling great again.

I offer professional carpet cleaning services in Bexhill. First class carpet cleaning for reasonable prices.

Great value, high quality carpet cleaning done by me personally. Using the latest eco carpet cleaning products. 

There is no need to use harsh chemicals to deep clean a carpet.

I will make your carpet look and smell lovely again without using harmful chemicals.

I will use all my skills to effectively remove stains from your carpets. If I can’t remove those stains, it’s because it’s not possible!

I also offer upholstery cleaning Bexhill. So why not have your sofa cleaned when I clean your carpets?

No matter what your carpet cleaning needs are, I have the expertise and experience to provide an excellent service for you every time.

I pride myself on the excellent customer service I give to each and every client that uses me.

Taking the time to listen to your needs and concerns ensures that you are completely satisfied with my carpet and upholstery cleaning results.

I also offer a stain protection service to help keep your carpets looking clean and fresh for longer.

As well as air quality testing to ensure that your home or office is free of harmful pollutants and allergens.

Professional carpet cleaning Bexhill is just a phone call away….

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Bexhill

I am dedicated to providing top quality carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses.

Highly trained and experienced, equipped with the latest carpet cleaning machinery and products to get your carpets looking great and smelling fresh again.

With my seven step carpet cleaning process, your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

If pet odour is a problem, I can deal with those too. Carpet stains are all part of the to me, I will remove the stains for you.

Our carpet cleaning system gets deep down into the carpet fibres. 

And my powerful industrial machine quality carpet cleaning machine pulls all of the allergens and moisture in the carpet, leaving smelling fresh and looking great.

At Carpet Cleaning Bexhill, I understand that each carpet is unique in terms of the way it should be cleaned.

For example, I inspect and test your carpet to see what it is made of and what the carpet backing is.

This is really important to avoid problems when cleaning the carpet such as shrinkage and blown fibres.

I will move and clean under your furniture at no extra cost and will place them back on protective padding if needed.

Our extraction machine is very powerful and your carpets will be dry in just 2-3 hours.

I are committed to making your carpets a healthy place to be, which is why I remove allergens such as dust mites and pollens that come in through windows, doors and on peoples clothes.

Because most odour is causes by bacteria, I use a sanitiser in the final rinse to kill off any remaining bacteria.

How To Choose a Local Carpet Cleaner In Bexhill

How to find a local carpet cleaner in Bexhill that is qualified in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Carpet cleaners in Bexhill are easy to find. But how do find a local expert carpet cleaner in Bexhill?

A carpet cleaner with many years of experience and one that is a fully trained carpet cleaner.

Google is full of adverts that any carpet cleaner can pay for.

These adverts look great and encourage you to fill out a form or call the people now.

You probably won’t find any useful information on there, and when you call you may get a sales person that knows nothing about cleaning your carpets.

I answer the phone myself, because I am best qualified to answer all of your questions.

I do all the carpet cleaning myself and I’m happy to explain the whole process.

For example, you may have questions like:

Do we move the furniture? And are your carpet cleaning products safe on my wool carpet?

The answer to those questions is both yes. But you will have more questions that I will answer without hesitation.

And I will give you free advice on your carpet cleaning needs and maintaining your investment.

I have been cleaning carpets for over two decades. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that will clean your carpets without damaging them and shortening their life.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Solutions Bexhill

We offer the most professional carpet cleaning service possible in Bexhill.

That is what makes our customers ask us to clean their carpets time after time.

We offer a professional carpet cleaning service for local people, at local prices.

As carpet cleaners we don’t just offer a quick once over carpet clean.

Ours is a deep down carpet cleaning process that will make your carpets look great again.

And make them last longer by removing all the damaging particles and grit that cut through the carpet fibres and lead to bald patches on your carpet.

We strive for our carpet cleaning service in Bexhill to be the best you and your home can experience.

And we aim for results that simply can’t be matched by an off the shelf or hired carpet cleaner machine

We have been cleaning for years and years and have amassed an incredible client base for our carpet cleaning services, but of course, don’t take our work for it, have a look here.

Highly Trained Carpet Cleaners

Carpet & Upholstery training Course Leader Lee Breen

We constantly invest in new cleaning technology, carpet cleaning products and training courses to bring you the best and most up to date knowledge to your carpets.

I am a trainer in the carpet cleaning industry.

And I have written and presented my advanced carpet & upholstery cleaning training course to many new people into the industry.

Furthermore, even some very experienced carpet cleaning technicians who have all benefitted from Lee’s vast wisdom. 

It is Lees experience that means he can identify and solve issues such as carpet resoiling & upholstery pinking.

All this and more is included in his upholstery cleaning course

Your local carpet cleaner in Bexhill right on your doorstep

Professional cleaning will release those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpets. 

As an example try to imagine what a hard floor would look like if you only ever vacuumed it and never washed it!! 

Carpets are even more prone to soil retention but the deep down soiling is not as visible to the eye as on hard floors, so tends to get ignored.

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning Bexhill, and carpet cleaning Collington you have found us.

We offer professional carpet cleaning in Eastbourne too.

Upholstery cleaning Bexhill

Upholstery cleaning goes hand in hand with carpet cleaning. 

It would be unusual for a carpet cleaner not to offer sofa cleaning as part of their services.

The difference is that with upholstery cleaning, the cleaner has to be even more careful.

The fibres being used on modern sofas can be very unstable.

Sofa material is made from all sorts from bamboo to wood pulp.

And everything in between.

It is very easy to destroy some of these upholstery fibres in minutes!


Local bexhill carpet cleaning service
Carpet cleaners in Bexhill

Clean & Healthy Carpets

Having your carpets professionally cleaned by FabricMaster on a regular basis will remove these soils and allergen and will extend your domestic carpets life expectancy considerably, in addition to keeping them hygienic and looking good.

Not having your soft furnishings cleaned correctly or not cleaning them at all can reduce their life expectancy significantly, leaving you with little choice but to replace them sooner than you were expecting.

Having clean and healthy carpets is important not just for maintenance reasons but for the wellbeing of the people that come into contact with them on a regular basis. Your soft furnishings should be cleaned for Hygiene purposes, not least of which, to aid allergy sufferers.

We also offer professional upholstery cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning,

Carpet Stain removal Bexhill

Firstly we conduct a thorough inspection of your carpets before undertaking any repairs or cleaning services. 

During our bespoke free quoting service we will provide you with an accurate estimate for the cost of carpet clean & stain treatment from the fibres. 

Carpet stains come in many different sizes and shapes, and there is no single solution for every type of stain.

Being a carpet stain removal expert, we are equipped with many spotters, sprays, solutions, and carpet cleaning products to help remove any kind of stain from your carpet. 

And if we don’t think there’s any way for carpet stains to be removed from the carpet we will tell you. 

Because there are some stains that will not come out of carpet fibres.

And we won’t waste your money trying to do the impossible.

We offer a first class carpet cleaning service, but at excellent value in Bexhill.


If your carpets could benefit from professional cleaning in Bexhill.
Call today on 07711 894801

Thorough 7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process in Bexhill

pre cleaning checklist for carpet cleaning

Carpet Inspection

Our carpet pre clean survey is carried out on all carpets that will be potentially cleaned.

This is for fibre identification, to check for existing damage, potential problems and in some cases, cleaning limitations.

The results will be fully discussed with the customer before any work is carried out.

Dry soil extraction before carpet cleaning in Bexhill

Dry soil extraction

An often overlooked key element of the cleaning process.

This is an important stage in ensuring that the carpets stay cleaner longer once we have finished.

prespraying the carpets in Bexhill

Carpet Pre Spray

The carpet is pre-sprayed with the chosen cleaning product.

This is a very monitored element of the cleaning process as it is key that the carpet fibres are thoroughly covered and receive the correct amount of dwell time

carpet agitation process for cleaning carpets in Bexhill

Carpet Agitation

A SEBO DUO contra-rotating brush agitation machine is then used to open up the carpet pile.

Agitation is a very important part of the Carpet cleaning process

Because it works the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres allowing it to work on the deeper down soils and preparing the carpet for hot water extraction.

Fibre Extraction and conditioning

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

The solution and soiling is then lifted by our hot water extraction machine.

This part of the process is like the rinse on your washing machine.

An eco-rinse solution is also used during this process leaving your carpets not only smelling fresh but also ph balanced.

Safe for all the family.

speed drying of the carpets in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill

Carpet Drying Process

We use a Teflon Green Glide on the end of our cleaning wands to help with the drying process, (it really does work)!!

But also use the latest in whole room drying technology as well.

The F6 Whole Room Drier moves air in a 20ft radius to help dry you carpets fast!

grooming the carpet after cleaning

Carpet Pile Grooming

We finish the carpet cleaning process by grooming the pile which improves drying time.

And gives us a chance for a final inspection before completion.


We are highly trained in commercial carpet cleaning.

Having be trained to IICRC standards, we can offer office carpet cleaning and a range of other commercial carpet cleaning requirements for local businesses in Bexhill.

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