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Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Eastbourne

Choosing the right carpet cleaning firm for commercial carpet cleaning in Eastbourne is essential if you want a first class office carpet clean that will not get dirty quickly again.

Furthermore, you need to be getting the best value for your commercial carpet cleaning. 

But you need very best commercial carpet cleaner in the Eastbourne and Bexhill area with a huge amount of carpet and floor covering cleaning experience.

A trusted local commercial carpet cleaning company offering a first class service at local rates.

Serving Eastbourne and Bexhill.


Qualified Office Carpet Cleaners in Eastbourne & Bexhill

Office carpet cleaners in Eastbourne and Bexhill

Choosing the right cleaning method for any office or hotel carpet is essential in achieving the right results in terms of cleanliness, appearance and re-soiling properties. 

These can all be achieved effectively if the carpet cleaning technician is well trained.

And has a full range of  commercial carpet cleaning products and machinery at his disposal.

Using old fashioned, out of date cleaning systems. And inferior carpet cleaning products is just as bad as not cleaning your commercial carpets at all.

Not using a highly trained office carpet cleaner will be more costly in the long term.

Moreover, the office space or hotel carpets will look dirty and put off customers. This is very bad for business with potential clients checking reviews all the time!

Professional commercial carpet cleaners Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill

Dirt and grit wears the carpet

Grit from shoes destroys your office or hotel carpets.

Grit and dirt from shoes falls to the bottom of the carpet fibres very quickly.

And as they rub together with the carpet tufts it creates an action like a mincing machine.

The sharp sand and grit rubs the carpet fibres and starts to scrat them dulling their appearance.

Furthermore, over time this sand paper like action rubs the fibres and they break.

So now you are left with bald patches.

Professional carpet cleaning will release those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpets.

As well as cleaning carpets using the Hot Water Extraction method.

Large carpeted areas in offices and other commercial environments can be cleaned to a very high standard.

Thanks to Low Moisture Encapsulation commercial carpet cleaning techniques. 

We use the latest in environmentally friendly low moisture cleaning solution which uses synthetically blended molecules to produce outstanding levels of low moisture carpet cleaning.

This fantastic product has built in Anti-Stain & Anti-Soil Properties keeping the carpets cleaner and healthier for even longer.

At the same time naturally deodorising the cleaned areas leaving a fresh clean smell throughout the space.

Office Chair Cleaning

Office Chair Cleaning

Office chairs take a real pounding. Day after day of absorbing sweat, food and drink spills.

The fabric of the chair is a great place for bacteria to grow and multiply.

The bacteria on office chairs is kept at body temperature all day and office warm at night.

It’s a breeding ground for all sorts colds and bacteria to get a good hold and infect your workers.

Dirty looking chairs and soft furnishings in hotels is a sure way to bad reviews and the loss of repeat business.

Companies loose thousands of worker hours every year from workers getting colds and passing them around the work environment.

And hospitality like hotels and pubs get bad reviews from clients looking at dirty chairs.

The professional upholstery cleaning courses that Lee runs covers commercial and domestic upholstery cleaning.

Would you book second time in a hotel or restaurant with grubby looking chairs and soft furnishings?

Areas we serve as carpet and upholstery cleaners in East Sussex


As you would expect, we cover  towns and villages close to us in Eastbourne.

We offer professional carpet cleaning in East Sussex

So if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Bexhill or professional upholstery cleaning in Bexhill we are here to make sure that you get the first class carpet cleaning service that you deserve.

I also offer high quality carpet cleaning in Hastings and Carpet Cleaning Collington

Choose Fabric Master to look after you – We are just a call away….

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Inspect carpet to be cleaned
Carpet cleaning in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill . Dry soil extraction by vacuuming
Pre-spraying the carpet on this commercial cleaning task in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill
using rotary machine to clean carpets in Commercial carpet cleaning Collington- Bexhill
bonnetting off these carpets for rapid drying in Hastings
fast drying of any carpets in Hastings

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