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Leather upholstery & sofa cleaning in Eastbourne Sussex

Leather cleaning Eastbourne

Looking for leather cleaning Eastbourne? You are in the right place.

I will clean your leather sofa and make it look like the leather upholstery you chose for it’s looks as well as comfort.

And I will clean your leather upholstery to a very high standard.

My leather cleaning system is unique to me. I have invested in having the best quality leather cleaning products produced.

This ensures that I can clean your leather sofa without damaging it.

And this is a very important consideration when you are looking for leather cleaning Eastbourne.

There are many leather cleaning products available from shops. 

But do you know what is in them?

Just one of the many factors to consider when choosing a leather cleaning product, is will it take the paint off the leather furniture that I paid a lot of money for?

Qualified Leather Cleaners in Eastbourne & Bexhill

Qualified Leather Cleaners in Eastbourne Bexhill Hastings

It might….

Bear this in mind, you wash paint brushes in alcohol to get the paint off. Do you want alcohol in a leather cleaner?

Check the label before your start rubbing products onto your leather furniture.

Wait, paint, but my sofa is leather!

You didn’t think it came of the cow that colour did you?

Of course not.

The leather hides go through lots of process before being used as a covering for your furniture.

One of those leather processes is colouring.

It is usually spray painted and then a coat or two of polyurethane over the top to protect the leather paint from rubbing off too quick.

That leather sofa protector needs replacing regularly.

Leather upholstery protector - Protect your leather sofa

Leather upholstery protector - Protect your leather sofa

This is an important thing to remember when you have a leather sofa.

The leather protector it gets in the factory will usually last for a year or so with normal wear.

They can’t put it on too thick because it will just not feel the way a leather sofa should.

The problem is that after that year or so, your leather upholstery is down to the paint in many places.

Leather paint or pigment used to colour leather furniture is soft, so when the protector wears off, it starts to rub away the paint.

This pain rubs off quite quickly. You may start to see the undercoat which is often quite bright.

A lot of brown leather sofas have an orange undercoatfor example. So it shows through a lot.

The point is, you need to keep on top of the protector. And to do that you must have your leather upholstery cleaned first and then a new leather protector applied.

I can do that for you. And due to my training, I will revitalise your leather sofa and make it look lovely again.

I offer leather cleaning in Sussex including bexhill and Hastings as well as where I live in Eastbourne.
A lot of time and money went into choosing and buying that leather furniture. I will look after for you and keep it nice
for years to come.

I always re protect your leather upholstery. There is just no point in cleaning it otherwise.

And my leather cleaning prices always include the leather protector as standard.Leather

Why clean a leather sofa?

Your leather upholstery is just the same as any sofa. It gathers house dust and all the grit that comes in through doors and windows and on pets feet and our clothes.

It doesn’t seem like much, but every day these tiny pieces of grit and dust settle on your leather upholstery.

Then you sit on it and rub those sharp bits up and down your furniture.

This is actually like sandpaper. And it rubs off the leather protector in no time.
Leaving your coloured leather sofa unprotected, this is where the paint rubs off and you have to buy a new leather suite or have it re coloured.

I can recolour and repair your leather sofa, but it’s not cheap and why let it get to that stage anyway?

Cleaning your leather upholstery is not only protecting your investment, but it looks great too.

Fabric upholstery cleaning is also a specialised skill. I can do that for you too.

Leather repairs and restoration Eastbourne and East Sussex

If your leather upholstery does need repairing or restoring to it’s former glory, no need to worry.

With over two decades of leather repair experience and the benefit of many leather training courses, you can be assured that I am the first choice for leather repair in Eastbourne 

I can repair small rips in the leather and even cigarette burns leaving your leather sofa looking good again.

My advice is always free, and will always tell you exactly what you can expect the leather repair to look like afterwards.

I can repair cat scratches in leather furniture and all sorts of scuffs and marks can be effectively removed or dealt with.

Having been in the leather furniture industry for over twenty years you can rest assured that my knowledge goes deep and whether it is an aniline sofa or a pigmented or coloured suite you have, I am here to advise you.

In conclusion, when you need leather upholstery cleaning in Sussex Eastbourne or Bexhill just give me a call.

Why not have your carpet cleaned at the same time. We offer a first class carpet cleaning service in Eastbourne and professional carpet cleaning in Bexhill

Leather restoration Sussex

Based in Eastbourne, serving the whole of Sussex. I pride myself on being highly trained by some of the best in the leather repair industry.

My passion for leather goods means that I understand the importance of quality workmanship.

And I am dedicated to providing excellent service to all my clients.

Whether it’s a leather sofa, a leather car interior or a designer handbag, I can repair and restore it to its former glory.

Leather Repair Eastbourne: Bringing Your Leather Goods Back to Life

Leather goods are a prized possession, whether it’s a sofa or car seat. Over time, leather can show signs of wear and tear, which can be frustrating for any owner.

That’s where I come in. At my leather repair service in Eastbourne, I offer a wide range of services to bring your leather goods back to life.

I use the latest techniques and technology to restore your leather items to their former glory.

Leather Restoration East Sussex: Quality Workmanship You Can Trust

At my leather repair workshop in East Sussex, I understand the value of your leather furniture and upholstery.

It’s an expensive item that you want to last for many years.

I provide quality workmanship across sussex and excellent service to ensure that your leather furniture and upholstery is restored to its original condition.

I use the latest techniques and technology to ensure that your leather goods are treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

And I am constantly updating my skills by attending leather repair courses.

Leather Cleaning and Restoration - protect your investment!

Leather cleaning and renovation is an essential part of extending the life of your leather goods.

I start by assessing the condition of your leather and recommend the best cleaning and renovation method for your item.

I then treat it with the correct products and a suitable conditioner for the leather.

And finally renew the protector, ensuring that your leather item stays in pristine condition.

Cleaning and fixing your leather sofas is going to protect your investment.

Leather furniture and upholstery are expensive items that require special care and attention.

But rest assured, we are always updating our knowledge by attending upholstery cleaning courses.

It’s not enough to vacuum it or wipe it over with a leather wipe cloth or baby wipe. In fact, using these methods can cause more damage than good.

That’s why I offer a leather furniture cleaning service in Sussex.

Don’t forget, I use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your leather furniture is protected and lasts for years to come.

So, whether it’s a leather sofa or a designer handbag, bring it to us and let us bring your leather goods back to life.

Leather upholstery cleaning process

Inspect carpet to be cleaned
Leather upholstery protector - Protect your leather sofa
Agitation of leather cleaning products
Apply leather protector

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