Upholstery Cleaning Eastbourne

Upholstery cleaning Eastbourne

Expert upholstery cleaning Eastbourne.

Highly trained upholstery cleaners with years of experience in sofa cleaning. 

After many years of building a local upholstery cleaning business in Eastbourne you can be sure that your sofa will get the very best attention, and that is something you have my word on.

Hi, I’m Lee. I will be cleaning your valuable upholstery. I don’t employ people because sofa cleaning is a specialised trade. 

Very costly mistakes can and are made every day by untrained people offering upholstery cleaning in Eastbourne.

Upholstery cleaning experts in Eastbourne

It’s very important to understand the what the fabrics are and how they react to different sofa cleaning techniques.

The person cleaning your upholstery needs to understand all the possible issues before starting to clean your sofa.

Modern day fabrics used in upholstery and furniture are very different from what the upholstery manufacturers used in the past.

They all look nice in the shop, but when it comes to cleaning them, it really needs an expert sofa cleaner.

For example, there is a lot of Viscose used in upholstery coverings these days.

This fine, and a trained upholstery cleaner will be aware that Viscose can swell when it comes into contact with water.

If Viscose sofas are not cleaned with this in mind the fibres will look flat and not at all nice to the touch.

Wool covered upholstery needs a careful hand too. Wool sofas will hold more water and take longer to dry.

So, mould and other problems can arise. Ask your sofa cleaner if he or she uses special upholstery drying equipment to help with this.
Cotton fabric can flatten and present other issues such as browning.


Upholstery cleaning Training

The cost of buying a sofa or any upholstery makes the process a big decision.

And you will have that sofa for a long time and may still be paying for it for years.

You will want to protect that investment to increase the lifespan of your upholstered furniture, including sofas and armchairs.

This makes your upholstery last longer. But also keeps it looking great for years.

With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, You will feel assured that with my training, your upholstery cleaning is in safe hands.

I do all the upholstery and sofa cleaning myself, so I can guarantee the results for you.

Actually I run national upholstery cleaning courses for carpet cleaners from all over the country.

This is where my experience helps people understand how to identify and clean fabrics such satin and silk and how to tell the difference between as linen and cotton upholstery.

Furthermore, I also cover leather cleaning and how to identify and clean faux suede.

Microfibre sofas are becoming very popular now, and your upholstery cleaner needs to understand how to clean microfibre without ruining the fabric.

I can do that for you.

How to find upholstery cleaner in Eastbourne

Upholstery cleaning is a natural extension of the services that carpet cleaners offer.

Sofa cleaning training is extensive because of the new fibres coming out every year.

So when you are looking for upholstery cleaning Eastbourne, just ask about the training that the cleaner has had.

For example, do they use woolsafe upholstery cleaning products. And do they understand the damage that can come from cleaning wool with the wrong product?

Ask about the upholstery cleaning equipment that will be used to clean your sofa and the upholstery cleaning products.

You should ask about stain removal on upholstery and whether they offer an upholstery protector such as Scotchgard as part of the service.

Do they use eco friendly products and if they have any upholstery cleaning reviews in East Sussex

Upholstery and sofa types

There are so many sofa and upholstery fabric types these days.
Such as Polyester, Silk, Linen, Cotton, and many more.

Some of the new trendy designer sofas use all sorts of fibres in their construction.

Most of them do not give cleaning instructions other than must be cleaned by an upholstery cleaning specialist, or dry clean only.

Dry clean only sofa, what will you do, take it to the dry cleaners?

Well, no need I test all sofa and upholstery fabrics before I start to clean your valuable soft furnishings.

You don’t need to worry if I am qualified either. I am a national trainer specialising in fine fabric upholstery and sofa cleaning.

I also offer a leather upholstery and sofa cleaning service across East Sussex.

It’s just so important to understand that sofa fibres that can shrink, stretch, and change colour if they are not cleaned by a trained upholstery cleaner.

That person will understand that testing is vital and will do these tests before unpacking any equipment.

Upholstery cleaners are usually seasoned professionals that have had extensive carpet cleaning training. 

This is why the two services are often offered together.

Then the right technique and products to clean your upholstery can be selected, and all is well.

Sofa Cleaning Solutions In Eastbourne

Not only are the fabrics more delicate; more subject to damage or destruction by inappropriate methods.

But there are further considerations which do not apply in carpet cleaning.

In the case of soft furnishings and fabrics there is the human body contact which can lead to the contamination of the fabric by perspiration.

And greasy deposits from hair and hand cosmetics, body warmth and compression.

There are also hidden dangers associated with what lies beneath the fabric if not cleaned correctly.

In modern furniture foam padding can be dissolved if the incorrect chemicals are used.

In older furniture, the use of shoddy multi coloured wool threads as padding or hessian covering.

Ancient horsehair in upholstery filling increases the chances of cellulosic browning or wicking stains to the surface if too much water is used.


Clean & Healthy Upholstery & Sofas

Like with our carpet cleaning, only our safe cleaning solutions are used when cleaning fabrics and soft furnishings. We also use the latest and most advanced hand tool on the market today! 

We use the Sapphire Pro Upholstery Tool to maximise cleaning and minimise wetting. Unlike the old metal hand tools some other cleaning companies still use. 

The Sapphire Pro gives amazingly fast drying times with virtually no risk of over wetting. Like our carpet cleaning a full initial survey is carried out.

And if you wish to proceed all your furnishings are vacuumed and pre tested for colour fastness before any cleaning is carried out.

I also offer first class upholstery cleaning in Bexhill and sofa cleaning Hastings too.

Upholstery Cleaning Gallery

sapphire hand tool for upholstery cleaning in eastbourne
Dining chair cleaning in Eastbourne

Upholstery Cleaning Process Eastbourne

upholstery cleaning checklist
upholstery cleaning in eastbourne
prespraying the upholstery in eastbourne
agitating the prespray into the upholstery in eastbourne
extracting the upholstery with sapphire hand tool
towelling off the upholstery
resetting the nap and grooming the pile

We have the equipment and knowledge to look after the largest of commercial upholstery cleaning jobs in Eastbourne Bexhill, & Hastings

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