Frequently asked questions about carpet and upholstery cleaning

These are frequently asked questions about carpet and upholstery cleaning. I will be adding to them in the future, so do come back to see what’s new.


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You have to ask yourself why? It comes down to the old saying… you get what you pay for. We base our prices on our quality and skilled workmanship. This is achieved by using the latest training, safest eco friendly cleaning solutions, and the best equipment available currently on the market; we do not cut corners or compromise when it comes to delivering a professional service to our customers! There are lots of fly-by night carpet cleaners available to clean your carpets and upholstery taking half the time to do the job and charging half the money, most of these ‘’Splash & Dash’’ firms leave a trail of destruction behind them and most of the time do not even carry any form of insurance to cover working in your home or commercial property.
The answer is me. I do not send an’ operative’ to do the work, I will the carry out the work myself. It will be me that you deal with from start to finish, from your initial phone call, the pre survey and the cleaning process itself. I am fully trained in Carpet & upholstery cleaning and spot & stain removal.
NO! There are no ‘add-ons’ or hidden charges, the price you are quoted is the price you pay. I do not offer ‘unbelievably low prices’ or ‘rooms starting from prices’. Some companies use this tactic to get their feet in the door just to then up-sell you services or products you might not want or need. You can rest assured that the price that you are quoted on the initial pre-survey is the price you pay.
This can happen when detergent residuals are left in the carpet by not rinsing them out properly as soil will attract to these areas more quickly. I only use eco-friendly detergent free eco friendly cleaning solutions and make sure your carpets are left pH neutral.
Not if cleaned correctly. Most modern carpets aren’t prone to shrinking due to their construction. However, this doesn’t mean that great care shouldn’t be used when cleaning all carpets. Shrinkage is caused by over wetting the carpet so that moisture is allowed to penetrate into the backing materials. The warp and weft threads then expand causing the carpet to pull in on itself. Over wetting can also cause Cellulosic Browning. This is when the moisture has penetrated the Jute fibres in the backing which in turn will release a lignin dye which during extended drying will slowly wick up to the surface. I am trained to identify carpet types and the best course of cleaning to be undertaken to eliminate these possible scenarios.
Most spots and stains can be removed but I can never guarantee that the will all come out. Spots are generally easier as they are something that adds substance to the carpet such as grease, sugar, chewing gum, mud etc. Stains are probably the hardest to deal with as they are something that adds colour to a fibre such as wine, tea, coffee, fruit juices etc. A stain is basically a dye in the wrong place. I have various methods of removing these and I have a high success rate. However there is only so far I can go as it can be a fine balance between removing the stain and actually removing the fibre colour itself. I’m always honest with a customer about the likelihood of successfully removing the stain. Also if the stain has been pre-treated by a house hold stain remover it could, I’m afraid be locked in for good.
This all depends on the level of traffic your carpet is exposed to. If you have a large family and pets then I would recommend every 6-12 months. If however you feel that your carpet just needs a regular maintenance clean the every 12-18 months will suffice. This may seem more regular than expected but will help maintain your carpets for longer, also just imagine the soil build up on a hard floor if you only ever vacuumed it! We all wash are hard floors regularly so why not our carpets.
Yes my service is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not happy with the results of the clean then I will be happy to return to rectify it as no cost to yourself. Leaving my customers happy is at the very fore front of my business.
This is one of the most frequently asked questions about carpet and upholstery cleaning
I am fully insured by a policy specifically designed for the commercial cleaning sector and the carpet & upholstery cleaning sector.
The solutions I use contain No Detergents, No Bleaches, No Enzymes, they are non– hazardous and based on food or plant grade ingredients, they are also extremely envi-ronmentally friendly and mostly pH neutral.
I am based in Eastbourne but cover all of East Sussex and west Kent.
and carpet cleaning in Hasting but can travel outside of these areas if need be. Please feel free to call or email me if you are outside of this area and I can let you know.

Yes, I run professional carpet cleaning courses throughout the year.

You are welcome to attend one of my upholstery cleaning training courses.

These courses are suitable for beginers and experienced technicians.

National carpet and upholstery cleaning trainer Lee Breen

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