Why Should I Vacuum My Carpets

Keep Your Carpets Beautiful For Longer

Carpets are often neglected, especially during winter months. 

They tend to accumulate dirt and dust particles over time, which makes them look dirty and unkempt. 

If you want to extend the life of your carpets, regular vacuuming is recommended, or the dry soil particles that are in your carpet can rub the carpet fibres, cause friction and weaken the carpets. 

Regular vacuuming can get rid of pet hair, dust, dirt, and other small debris off the carpet. 

Regular vacuuming helps keep your carpet looking new and fresh longer. 

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters like we use here at Fabric Master are best because they trap particles down to 0.3 microns. 

These particles are smaller than those found in cigarette smoke and some air pollutants.

This all helps between professional carpet cleaning visits by your local carpet cleaner.

Professional carpet cleaning training courses spend a good deal of time teaching candidates how to vacuum effectively


Caring For Your Carpets

In addition to regular vacuuming. it is also recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. 

Frequency depends on a number of factors such as carpet type, traffic levels, nature of soiling. 

It’s important to remember that vacuuming your carpets does not mean that you have to spend hours doing it.

 In fact, it takes just a few minutes to vacuum your carpets

How Should I Vacuum My Carpets

It is recommended that when vacuuming your carpets, this should be done in a north, south, east, west motion. 

This is how we will vacuum prior to using out hot water extraction machine. 

This will reduce the chance of wickback when the carpets have fully dried, and make for an overall better clean too.

This also applies when vacuuming upholstery prior to cleaning.

This is always included in upholstery cleaning courses 

How Often Should I Vacuum My Carpets

As much as there is no definitive answer, It is generally recommend using a professional carpet cleaning company every 12-18 months. 

Deep hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods are able to remove more dirt from your carpets than vacuums.

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Thorough 7 Step Cleaning Process

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