Our Latest Carpet and Upholstery Work Throughout Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings

Before, during, after. Cleaning chairs in staff canteen area in Hastings

Removing black top from an Axminster carpet in Bexhill

Upholstery cleaning before, during & after in Eastbourne

Cleaning and sanitising pet stains in and end of tenancy clean in Bexhill

Removing a Ribena stain from a wool Axminster carpet in eastbourne

Cleaning a flat carpet for a lovely elderly lady whilst in hospital making it all nice a clean for her return

Hot chocolate stain removal on a nylon rug

Cleaning a nylon carpet where the customers slippers go at base of sofa

Removing lots of food s drink spills from this sofa

EOT clean , unfortunately the mark left was a burn mark from the customers iron

Red wine stain removal on a wool carpet. The client had used everything under the sink on it, but thankfully we could still get the stain out

Cleaning the carpets & upholstery in a camper van in Bexhill

carpet cleaning courses

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